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All About the establishment of Cempro

What follows is an explanation about how Cempro came about, recycling and disposing of mining tailings (and smelter slag) effectively as raw materials to make cement bricks and blocks.

DGB Joint Venture (part of the Boulder Group of Companies) commenced mining chrome ore in the Steelpoort valley in 2015. In 2016/2017 Boulder Processing built a chrome wash plant in the Steelpoort Industrial Park, approximately 10 km from the mine. At the wash plant the ore is crushed and washed, producing chrome concentrates and tailings (fine sand).

Initially Boulder Processing disposed of the tailings by transporting it to local brick manufacturers, but the demand fluctuated too much and an investment in an adjacent brick plant was approved. Initially the group financed Oxy Trading 194 CC to build a new brick plant adjacent to the wash plant early in 2019. The plant was commissioned in March/April 2019. Further negotiation with the member of Oxy Trading 194 CC resulted in the acquisition of Oxy  at the end of 2019. Oxy Trading 194 CC was converted into a private company and renamed Cempro (Pty) Ltd. in January 2020.

The raw materials of the bricks comprise tailings, cement, coarse sand, slag, a chemical and water. These are mixed and poured into a mould. They are then compressed and unpacked to cure. The bricks and blocks so produced comply with (and exceed) SABS (SANS) standards.