Cempro currently produces two main products

Cement Stock Bricks

500 bricks per pallet

Cempro stock bricks are most often used to build the inside structures of homes or buildings.

  • This brick makes the building process much cheaper.
  • The inside of the structures can then be plastered according to need.
  • The stock brick can also be used as a foundation brick.
  • The stock brick is very well finished and can almost be utilised as a face brick.


Average compressive strength:
7-10 MPa

Average product weight:
4 kg

Average product size:
210 mm (length) x 105 mm (width) x 70 mm (height)

*Deposit for pallet excluded

  • Resistant
  • Well finished
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Complies with SANS standards
  • Face brick look and feel
  • Cost effective

About 10% larger than some competitors’ cement stocks

Building Blocks

95 blocks per pallet

The Cempro building block is used to build various structures such as homes or buildings.

  • One of the key advantages of the building block is that it effectively insulates a home and assists in regulating the temperature accordingly.
  • Due to its large size, the building blocks assist the developer in speeding up the building process.
  • One of the attributes is that these blocks have a very smooth surface and can be plastered or not.


Average compressive strength:
3.5-7 MPa

Average product weight:
18 kg

Average product size:
390 mm (length) x 140 mm (width) x 190 mm (height)

*Deposit for pallet excluded

  • Insulates effectively
  • Smooth finish
  • Used with or without plaster
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Complies with SANS Standards
  • Faster building

* Our products are manufactured with environmentally friendly processes, to avoid contamination and pollution of the environment.

* The quality of our products is monitored by a laboratory to adhere to the SANS 10249 standard.